Pescatarian / Plant based diet?

So anyone who knows me, knows how much I love meat lol. Chicken wings, ribs or a juicy steak…Ok I’ll stop making myself drool now. Here’s the deal, I wanted to try this whole ‘plant based diet’ but oh my gosh did I fail miserably,I relapsed on one of the days  (yes I even laughed at myself) I decided to try the pescatarian diet because fish is better right?

So basically I’m two weeks in and its going great so far. Sometimes I eat plant based meals only but most days I eat sea food with my dinner. But I thing that I’m struggling with is cooking meat suppers. My fiance tried to join me but he only tried for two days, ha! What it means is I have to be tortured into cooking dinner with meat but its okay now, since I’m getting used to the idea. I’m going to be sharing most of the meals I eat over the next few days so please look out for my next blog. Hope you have a lovely Thurday. cropped-pasta2.jpg


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