Summer food blogging



Good evening people, it’s been a while since I posted. A lot has been going on since February, from wedding planning to starting new job, the list is endless. But I’m feeling positive and excited about summer and the wedding. It’s an autumn wedding and its only a few months to go. I’ve already started having nightmares about the day going horribly wrong but everyone keeps telling me it’s normal.

Anyway, the weather has been great in England at the moment and I’m feeling inspired to start blogging properly. So, here’s the deal.. I’m challenging myself to post a ‘What I eat in a day’ everyday for a whole week. Yes, seven days straight of full on blogging! I start tomorrow 23/06/17, and I reckon it will be challenging but fun and I can’t wait. It’s exciting because at least I can keep track of what I eat as I’m trying desperately to lose a few pounds before the wedding. I’ve been exercising a lot more but I haven’t seen any obvious changes yet so, this will give me an idea of where I’m going wrong. Any brides out there in the same situation?

So wish me all the luck and I will be in touch again tomorrow. Goodnight!


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