23.06.17 Day 1

So my day starts off at 6:50 am every morning, and I’m actually quite good because as soon as it rings I jump out of bed and heard towards the shower. Whilst showering I was actually thinking of breakfast and I had no idea what I was going to eat but I knew I wanted something light but still kept me full till lunch. After I showered and got changed I decided to make myself some yoghurt with banana and chia seeds.


Onken yoghurt  – Mango,Papaya and Passion fruit

Chia seeds



Lunch on the other hand was a no-brainer, every friday is ‘Burritto friday’ at work so I caved in and had one today. I will admit I still felt peckish after and I had a cup of tea a 3 biscuits at work after lunch*hangs head in shame*. I will attempt to take pictures of my snacks too but today I just forgot.


Burrito (from work canteen)


I decided dinner was going to be better so I made an effort to make a healthy dish and made some roast chicken and mixed green salad, I absolutely love rocket. I marinated my chicken with all purpose seasoning, chicken seasoning and olive oil and put it in the oven for about an hour. I tossed my salad together and added my chicken, it was amazing.



A handful of mixed leaf salad

A handful of rocket salad

Red and orange peppers

Boiled and seasoned potatoes

Mayonnaise lightly drizzled




This was fun, but I constantly had to remind myself to take a photo of each meal before my greedy self was tucking into the food. Can’t wait to share with you what I’m eating this weekend. I’m going to be honest about everything I eat or drink so stay tuned. I’m keen to see what’s on everyone’s plate too so please follow me on my Instagram and tag me in your pictures. Until tomorrow.. Happy Friday!




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