What I ate today Day 3

Hi guys, hope you are all okay. I’m good but life is catching up and struggled to find time to write on my blog last night. But here it is anyway. Breakfast was  a cup of tea, two slices of wholemeal toast, one with peanut butter and the other with chocolate spread topped with banana slices.


Banana slices on peanut butter and chocolate spread

Lunch was a simple tuna jacket potato with a free Lipton drink I got in town. Who doesn’t love a freebie hey. This actually kept me full till late evening when we decided to have a barbecue.


Tuna Jacket Potato

As much as I’d like to take credit for the chicken, I had nothing to do with it. My fiance made it all and it tasted so good. He also made us a refreshing Pimms and all I made was the salad. On Sunday’s we usually hang around get ready for the week ahead and not do much. We played cards till it was actually quite late but we were having too much fun so it was okay. So here is day 3 guys, better late than never I say. Goodnight!


BBQ Chicken with potato salad and homemade coleslaw


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