What I ate today -Day 4 and 5

Good evening, hope everyone is doing great. So day 4, I completely forgot to take pics of what I ate for lunch and dinner. But day 4 and 5 breakfast was pretty much the same. I’m absolutely loving yoghurt with fruit in the morning its just light and refreshing. I poured some strawberry yoghurt in a bowl then topped  it with slices of banana and strawberries.


Day 5 lunch I had some sausage wraps with spinach, tomato and mayonnaisse lightly drizzled. The wraps were small so I had two with a cup of tea and two plums. I always make sure I try eating fruit with my lunch everyday.


So I after work I was planning on making our traditional meal called sadza from Zimbabwe but my cooker had other ideas and kept tripping the electricity everytime we switched it on. We gave up on a cooked dinner and opted for takeaway instead. I know I’m trying to eat a lot healthier but today I couldn’t help it. But who doesn’t love pizza hey, and tuesdays are 2-4-1 days so we had 4 different pizza options hmm yum!


I won’t lie the toppings I chose were pretty bland but nothing a bit of Dominos garlic dip won’t change. I usually don’t eat dessert so this was me for the day. I’ve also noticed since this blog that I don’t actually snack a lot during the day, I will try adding nuts and some cranberries to my diet. Until tomorrow guys. Goodnight!



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