What I ate today- Day 6 & 7

Evening guys!! So we are finally at the end of the 7 day ‘what I ate in a day’ challenge. It’s been fun but unfortunately I missed two days but managed to add them to too. I will probably do this again and try to add recipes as well but it will definitely be a one day challenge because I don’t think I can manage everyday. Anyway day 6 and 7 breakfast I had Special K with semi-skimmed milk. I usually warm up my milk for about a minute because I don’t like it too hot, it makes the cereal soggy and I prefer mine crunchy.


Breakfast Day 6 & 7

Day 6 Lunch

It was about 12:30, the usual time for lunch and I was so hungry and the weather had completely changed on us, is it summer or autumn? Lol. I felt like eating something quite warm so I bought a meatball panini, which was toasted and served with a leafy salad, and I grabbed a packet of popcorn which I didn’t eat because I was so full. It was so good and just the thought of it is making me salivate. I had initially brought my own salad from home but by then I was not having it.


Day 6 Lunch

Supper day 6, I had left over pizza because we had so much it wasn’t even worth cooking. Oh and by the way our stove is still not working, its driving me nuts, the whole electricity keeps tripping and we don’t even have lighting downstairs.

Lunch day 7 was pretty healthy, even I was impressed, I decided to eat that salad I left in the office fridge but I bought some tuna from the canteen which cost 0.86p!!! It was so tiny it felt like daylight robbery, but I really wanted tuna so I caved in. Here’s a list of everything in my salad:-

Tuna salad:-

Handful of rocket

Mixed leaf salad

Salad tomatoes

Half a cucumber

Green apple slices


Mayonnaise lightly drizzled


Day 7 Lunch

Supper day 7 was quinoa with chickpeas served with beef stew and spring greens. This was the perfect meal to have after the gym I was starving after my gym session. I’m really trying to workout at least four times a week and after weighing myself today, It will definitely continue.



So here you have it, a sneak peak into what I eat in a week. I can’t wait to share more of these with you but I will also start sharing recipes too. I hope I will catch up with guys soon.


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